Phovia Fluorescent Light Therapy 

We are excited to offer Phovia Fluorescent Light Therapy to help speed healing in dogs and cats with dermatological conditions. Fluorescent Light therapy gives your pet’s cells the energy needed to heal themselves more quickly. 

Phovia Fluorescent Light Therapy
How does it work? 

Phovia is an innovative, clinically proven, two-part system, consisting of an LED lamp and chromophore gel. Used together, they produce multi-wavelength fluorescent light energy that can penetrate the skin to variable depths. Phovia is capable of triggering different beneficial responses at different layers of the skin. 

How does it benefit your pet? 

Phovia will help naturally increase your pet’s speed of healing with the following dermatological conditions: 

  • Hot spots
  • Bite wounds 
  • Lesions from continuous licking
  • Surgical incisions
  • Skin infections 
  • Traumatic wounds 

How long does it take?

Just four minutes per treatment area! Quick and painless administration!