Why is it important to start good puppy care on day one?

It's vital to start good puppy care from day one because, just like human children, puppies require certain types of food, feeding schedules, vaccines, and more. Many puppies also have parasites, which they typically get from their mother during their initial few weeks of life. Starting proper care on day one sets them up for success later in life.

Dr. Kelley Wallace
Catawba Heights Animal Hospital

How soon should I bring my puppy in to see the veterinarian for their first exam?

We recommend that you bring your puppy for an examination as soon as possible after you get it. Bring all your vaccine history, adoption paperwork, breeder documentation, and any paperwork from a previous veterinarian. This way, we can understand what your puppy has had, what it needs, and make future recommendations accordingly.

What are the most common health problems in puppies?

The most common health issue in puppies is intestinal parasites, with roundworms being the most common. Other common issues include fleas, tapeworms, diarrhea, and vomiting due to parasites. Fleas can also cause anemia as they feed on the puppy's blood, making the puppy weak.

What are some signs and symptoms of illness in your puppy?

A healthy puppy is usually playful, engaging in play, and then crashing for a nap. A healthy puppy is also usually ravenous and loves to eat! If your puppy is sick, it may lay around, eat less, and display symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, pale gums, and yellow discharge from the nose or eyes. They may also have trouble urinating or defecating, especially if they're dehydrated.

What are signs of a healthy, thriving puppy?

A healthy, thriving puppy will have periods of play and sleep, a good appetite, and consume a lot of water. They'll also be gaining weight, engaging in play, and poop and pee regularly due to their constant eating and drinking. A healthy puppy should be filled with activity most of the time and drive you nuts with love..

When should I start training my puppy?

Training should start as soon as you get your puppy. The most crucial and easiest time to train your puppy is before they become an adult, typically between 10 to 16 weeks of age. Positive reinforcement is the best method for training. Once they have their rabies and most of their Parvo to Distemper vaccines, they can start attending training classes, although home training is also great.

What will my vet be looking for on my first exam?

During the first exam, your vet will be looking for bright eyes, good gum color, and a healthy weight. They'll also check for any hernias along the umbilical cord or in the inguinal groin area. If your puppy is male, the vet will ensure both testicles are in the scrotum. Overall, the vet will be looking to see if your puppy is engaging, happy, and active.

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