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What does it mean to microchip your cat?

Microchipping a cat means injecting a microchip, about the size of a grain of white rice, usually between the shoulder blades of the cat. The microchip emits a radio frequency and does not function as a GPS tracking device. If someone finds your cat and takes them to a veterinary facility or shelter, they can scan the pet with a scanner and it will show a number and a phone number. The information given to the company when the microchip was placed will be the contact information available. It's important to update this information if you move or change your contact information, otherwise, the company won't be able to find you.

What is the importance of microchipping your cat?

Microchipping your cat is important because it helps in reuniting a lost pet with its owner. Cats are known to roam and can go missing. If a cat with a microchip is found, it can be scanned and the owner's information can be retrieved. However, this is only effective if the owner has registered the chip and kept their contact information up to date.

Are there any other benefits to microchipping your pet?

Yes, besides helping to reunite lost pets with their owners, microchipping can also serve as a means of identification, especially if you have pets that look identical. It can be used internationally, similar to a tattoo or a brand on a horse or cow.

Can a pet have more than one microchip?

Yes, sometimes pets can have two microchips, especially if they were microchipped a while ago when different frequencies were in use. However, we have now switched to a more universal frequency.

What happens if the microchip migrates or if the pet's collar comes off?

Microchips can migrate in the body, which is why when a pet is scanned, the whole body is scanned. Microchips can also be seen on an x-ray. Even if a pet's collar comes off, the microchip offers a permanent form of identification.

What if you forget or lose your cat's microchip information?

The microchip information is kept in our computer software. Once a pet is scanned, their microchip number is entered into their medical record. So you can always call us and we can provide you with that information.

What is the difference between a GPS and an RFID device?

A GPS is like a locator that can actively track your pet, similar to the Apple AirTags. RFID devices, on the other hand, emit a radio frequency that reads off a number. The pet has to be taken to a veterinary facility of some kind and actively scanned to see if it has a chip.

When is the most common time to microchip a pet?

The most common time to microchip a pet is when they're undergoing their spay or their neuter because they're asleep. It can also be done when they're awake, though it might be a little more painful. Pets do not have to be put to sleep for that.

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