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Whether boarding or attending daycare, all pets must be current on their vaccines: rabies, distemper, bordetella, flu (Starting February 1, 2023). We have the right to refuse or terminate business at any time based on the pet or owner behavior. We strive to provide a safe, loving, and professional environment for your pet. By signing this agreement you are stating: *you do not hold Claws and Paws Inn/Staff financially responsible for the loss/ injury/death/illness outside of all normal precautions taken, *that your pet is up to date on vaccines, *you permit Claws and Paws Inn staff to choose a play group for your pet, *you will follow all business rules, *you will be fully responsible for any and all fees due including, but not limited to: daycare/boarding, early check in/late check out, house food fees, administering meds, grooming, damage to property (structural), and any incurred vet fees. **Check in: 1-5PM **Check out: 7:30-10:30AM You are also giving Catawba Heights Animal Hospital permission to treat your pet for any medication condition that might arise during their stay with us. We will make every attempt to contact you by phone/email. In the event you cannot be contacted, the veterinarian at Catawba Heights Animal Hospital will use their best judgment on the treatment of your pet. You are responsible for any fees incurred for veterinary care.

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